Under a new roof

4 August, 2008

Squarespace, the former host of Dark Places, finally decided to end their free hosting of this my story games blog, so from now on the blog will live here. I had already prepared a move to WordPress a long time ago, but since it doesn’t import posts from Squarespace and Squareapce doesn’t export to anything, I’ve been putting it off for too long.

I would rather sit through an evening of films featuring Keira Knightley than manually copying everything from http://darkplaces.squarespace.com, so I have to look at this as a fresh start.



  1. I did a switch from SQ to WP. The only thing that wasn’t imported was images. You have to export to some format (that I don’t remember) from SQ, which you can then import from WP (rather than just going from A to B), but it worked … there was some tweaking, but certainly better than manual.

  2. Huh, thanks, Thomas. I thought I had looked in every corner of SQ’s interface. I’ll have another try.

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