[Darkpages] Black Watchmen

15 September, 2008

This is my Imprint for Darkpages.

Black Watchmen Wordle

Black Watchmen Wordle

Scotland has established itself as a one-party independent republic after a short but bloody war of independence with the United Kingdom. The war became a modern testing ground for new weapons systems, including nuclear, chemical, biological and seismic/meterological technology. Having the mighty United States as an ally, the UK quickly looked as if they were going to eradicate Scotland from the map. The tide was turned by a company of Russian Union trained special forces from the famous Black Watch regiment. Or so the story goes. After suffering several devastating defeats and eventually being forced to recognise the new Republic of Scotland, the UK has decended into anarchy and despair, with no functioning government or military and several dead zones after nuclear strikes.

Scotland is now a country haunted by earthquakes, tornados, and almost eternally rain-soaked except for the odd years of drought. Public service of any kind has been privatised, including law enforment, justice, education and transport. Everything except energy and banking, which have both been nationalised and are the prime concerns of a huge public administration.

The gap between rich and poor has widened immensely. Corruption is a fact of life. Crime is sky high. Veterans from the war of independence have continued to make their mark on public life. When Dougray McAllister, a highly decorated Lieutenant-General from The Black Watch, and a small band of his former super soldiers began to enrich themselves by robbing the Bank Of Scotland, other veterans set up a private police corps to fight crime. All sorts of vigilantes, bounty hunters and thrill seekers, some with strange powers gained from special training or experiments have since been claiming they were fighting crime or saving humanity.

Whatever their motives, common people call all of them, good, bad, sane, crazy, the Black Watchmen, and avoid them like the plague. They are outcasts, some responsible for the most heinious crimes, while others are working to keep the streets safe.


The Vaults/Abnormality 5
The lowest part of the city, centred around the old vaults under the now defunct South Bridge, including the lowest street level. In this lawless, damp environment without any natural light whatsoever, life seems to evolve around crime, extorsion and a thriving black market economy. True slums have returned to the city of Edinburgh, and to its old familiar places. If you’re stuck here, at least you won’t live long.
The Cave, Poverty, Depravation

Ground Zero/Normality 5
If anything is normal or square in Edinburgh, this is it. This is where Mr and Mrs McCullen live and work, try to raise their children. This is Edinburgh as a city of businesses, living quarters for the relatively well off classes. And where scum from the Vaults sometimes come to prey on new victims.
Burgeosie, 24-7 Monitoring, Private law enforcement

Above the City/Absolute power 5
Edinburgh’s new ruling class have settled for million pound homes hovering over the city. A completely new New Town has emerged in the sky above Edinburgh. Here the Scottish Government has its HQ, here the President, the Supreme Ministers and many more honoraries and filthy rich live. Some hover estates even have their own localised environmental and weather systems in place, oblivious to the real world below them. Hover home technology is owned and trademarked by SAI/HoverTech and was a spin-off of war technology from the war of independence.
Powers that be, SAI/HoverTech HQ, Presidential Palace

Inside/Escapism 0
Where can you escape to in times like these? Into your own mind. Or, rather, into the electronically powered collective mindspace that is the Inside. Inside was created as a side effect to another project by SAI/Hovertech, but it turned out that it was not possible to turn it off or make it go away.
Dreamscape +1

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