[Darkpages: Black Watchmen] Burkan Hare

16 September, 2008

This is the first post with characters for my Black Watchmen imprint. To give you an idea of what it all means, DP characters have four Motifs based on their Concept. Burkan below is a “Vampire” concept, meaning his Motifs are Domination, Hunger, Preternatural, and Transformation. The same for all other Vampire concept characters. Under each Motif a number of Powers are added, and these Powers are completely created by the players. So, no Powers list in the book or in an imprint. The numbers are the number of dice you roll in a challenge for the right to narrate new panels. There’s more, but that’s the very basics.

Burkan Hare
Concept: The Vampire
Burkan is second generation of Hungarian immigrants. He now runs a reasonably successful plastic surgery business in up-town Edinburgh. At night he haunts the Vaults for victims, who he cuts into surreal sculptures of meat and bone. Burkan lives on his victims darkest secrets, which they reveal to him during his devastating crimes. His victims’ pain and suffering combined with their unveiled secrets have gradually transformed Burkan’s night persona to a hunchbagged cripple, mentally and physically. The deformations have begun to transform into his daily life, as they seem to be keeping him alive as well. According to his birth certificate, Burkan is 140 years old.

Domination 3
Command the lesser educated mind +0

Hunger 3
Hypnotic gaze +1
Physical attraction +0

Preternatural 4
Night vision +1
Intuitive surgery +1

Transformation 2
Scalpel finger nails +0

Archetype: The Void (7)

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