[DP: Black Watchmen] Stupido

16 September, 2008

Stupido (Born Stuart Peters)
Concept: Freak
Stuart Peters was wounded several times during the war of independence, but never saw real action. Once he was the sole surviver of a nerve toxin attack on his army barracks. According to the now classified reports from the different rescue companies, he was suffering severe trauma and multiple personalities disorder. Another time, when he was in psychiatric treatment, he was hit by the after effects of a nano-nuclear strike. He is now a well known figure in the Vaults, where he sleeps in rubbish containers and seems to be able to digest anything. Stupido can receive people’s thoughts, but only send raw emotions back telepatically.

Clairvoyance 3
Thought reception +1
Emotional transmission +1

Control 5
Transform living tissue to metal +2
Distort waveforms

Subterfuge 3
Mind shield

Unnatural 1
Extra brain/spinal cord +1

Archetype: The Moon 5
Shadow: Mind of a pre-school child

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