[DP: Black Watchmen] Ana

17 September, 2008

Ana Weir aka. Encana
Concept: Elemental
Ana works as an office administrator at the Supreme Ministry for Energy, as an anonymous, lowly paid lowlife worker among an army of similarly anonymous colleaues. But Ana is one of a kind. She is able to control types of light around herself, objects or other people. She can enshroud herself in black light and become invisible to normal eyes, dissolve, bend or enhance sunlight or electric light, and travel as light, at lightspeed. She mostly uses her powers to spy on rich people and report about what she sees on a vlog under the name Encana. Her vlog entried have made her notorius and rich.

Affinity 4
Black light +1
Control light +1

Conciousness 4
Night vision +1
UV Vision +1

Domain 0

Embodiment 4
Transform into light +1
Lightspeed +1

Archetype: Magician 4
Shadow: Insomniac

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