Sorcerer scifi

7 October, 2008

There has been some talk about a “Sorcerer in Space” supplement in the past, but nothing has come of it. Then, suddenly, the last two weeks, no less than two different scifi applications of Sorcerer came along.

Christopher Kubasik found after fiddling with different approaches, that Sorcerer & Sword, the pulp fantasy version of the game, fitted incredibly well to realise his dream of making the good old Traveller game playable the way he wanted. Even if you are not interested in Traveller, or Sorcerer for that matter, there’s loads of good stuff in here on how to make a game do what you want it to do:  Traveller using rules from Sorcerer & Sword.

On another channel, Judd from the Sons of Kryos podcast presented his Solar System’s Demons: Sorcerer Science Fiction, a scifi inspired by Richard K. Morgan’s Takeshi Kovacs novels, Altered Carbon, Broken Angels and Woken Furies, of which I have only read Altered Carbon. Again, wonderful stuff about the wheelings and dealings of the incredible Sorcerer system.

I’m always ready to give Sorcerer another go, and inspired by these two applications of the system, I have ceased the day and asked my current gaming group to play Sorcerer, probably in some Ellroy-related hellish setting.


  1. If you want my latest draft of that Solar System Sorcerer, drop me an e-mail and I will send it to ya and put you on my viewer list.

    I’d love someone to play it other than me.

  2. I do have Blood Simple, a crime noir sorcerer setting, floating around if you want some Elroy action with Sorcerer.

  3. Thanks, Judd, that’s actually what I’m planning to use! Maybe I should write a quick post about it, it’s one of my favorite Sorcerer variants.

  4. That is fantastic.

    I have a kinda purty pdf of it around here somewhere.

    Let me see if I can track that down.

    Let me know how it goes.

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