S/till w/here

5 September, 2009

Whoops, you take a break and then six months have passed. I took time off from gaming after Conpulsion 09, and haven’t really done anything since, except lurking on SG and the Forge. Gregor contacted me from GenCon that the revised version of Trollbabe was out and if I wanted a copy. Well, hell yes. It turned out that Ron’s new pulp fantasy game, the horribly HORRIBLY titled S/Lay w/Me, was out as well, and Gregor thankfully brought home one of those as well.

Not finished Trollbabe 2 yet, but S/Lay can be read in less than 30 minutes, and it rocks big time. I can’t wait to try it out. The game is a ‘twosie’, ie. for two players, a GM-kinda role and a player-kinda role, which are switched between adventures, something Edwards calls “phantasmagoric face to face roleplaying”. Never mind the title, the unreadable title font and the artwork. As always, there are golden roleplaying advice in this little book. It’s a ‘return’ to 70s fantasy before the genre became popular and indeed part of popular culture, something that Ron never forgave popular culture. But at the same time it’s an ultra-modern story now game.

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