Sorcerer London 1880

18 September, 2009

I finally got around to get a Sorcerer game together, which is something I promised to two of the players, Gregor and Steve, back in March. That’s how slow I am. The third player will be Cat, a friend of Gregor and Steve’s, who I haven’t had the pleasure of gaming with before.

We decided to play in a London 1880-inspired setting that was originally thought up by Peter Dyring-Olsen for a game that never happened. But I thought the idea was very interesing, and so did my players, so I have written a one-sheet for it.

I’m not doing any prep at this point, not even deciding on a rough relationship-map. That’ll happen when we’ve met for the first time and created some player characters.

Sorcerer 1880 One-sheet

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