[Down in the Hole] Ready to go

19 April, 2010

There’s still a lot of work work to do on Down in the Hole, my Mouse Guard hack for police-investigative story gaming, but I feel ready to give it a go at a playtest.

I’ve quickly put together a functional character sheet, which I hope looks a bit like a type-written police report. I plan to make a small “badge”, a pamphlet, with the most important rules for players to refer to during play.

Steve asked some good questions about the game after my last post back in February. I will try to get back to answer them after play-testing. Seems better to base my musings on actual play instead of made-up examples.

DitH character sheet PDF


  1. Nice! Looking forward to hearing about this.

  2. What are you using for Nature?

  3. Hi Scott,
    Nature is “Human”, currently to be used also as hiding, running, cheating and empathising

    Nature is the key thing to get nailed, but I’m not sure I nailed it yet.

  4. Dude this looks great! Nice work.

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