[Sorcerer] Dark Places convention scenario

23 April, 2010

I’ve just decided on a whim, literally minutes ago, that I will translate my Sorcerer convention scenario Mørke Steder (Dark Places) that I wrote for Fastaval 2005 into English. In effect it will be an updated edition of the scenario, based on the feedback I got at the time. I’m considering leaving out most of the rules explanations as well to cut down the size.

Dark Places got a mixed reception at the convention, to say the least, but this was before the combined wave of indie story games and Jeep had really hit Fastaval, and players and GMs simply weren’t quite ready for it, many used to a prepared story being presented to them in play.

Some of the many responses I got back from the players:
“Bad rules.”
“It all ended in violence.”
“Good and refreshing.”
“We were confused. There was no story, and we were not able to create it.”
“Many great supporting characters.”
“Intense. Very freeform.”
“Worked very well.”
“Interesting and unique experience.”

One comment

  1. That’s how I remember running it, a group of players going: ”we have to do it… ourselves?!?”

    Still we had a good couple of hours with it and I’m sure you couldn’t have scripted Vincent calming, drugging and finally killing his wife, in the very first scene, even if you wanted to.

    And how Roy and Wayne ended up in caddie uniforms at Monterey Golf Course I just can’t remember…

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