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Viking hack for Apocalypse World brings back memories

26 January, 2011

Vincent Baker’s Apocalypse World was made to be hacked, and there’s a mindblowing variety out there already, from loose ideas to fully fledged and playable hacks. A guy called Gregor Vuga has created a viking-inspired hack called Icelanders. It’s looks fantastic. Read the rest of this entry ?


Thin Blue Line, excerpt 2

9 January, 2011

Overview of how to play
As a group you need to set aside a session to discuss your coming Thin Blue Line game. Make sure that everyone involved is heard and each adds bits to the whole.

You are playing a group of policemen put together to try and crack a tough case – could be an old unresolved case, organised crime, drugs or whatever you and the group prefer. The first thing to decide is what kind of case it is, and where and when it is set. Read the rest of this entry ?


Thin Blue Line

7 January, 2011

The devil triumphs when good men do naught

I’m through my New Year depression, and have begun re-writing my Mouse Guard Down in the Hole hack from the bottom up. The game will now morph into its own entity, complete with a new shiny title Thin Blue Line. Among some of the changes, informed by playtesting (thanks, guys!), are: character templates (“packs”) to enable quicker character generation, optional but recommended rotating GM (“Chair”), more streamlined reward cycle and missions structure, and shared game setup.

These are excerpts from the new draft, with more to come. Read the rest of this entry ?