[Fiasco: Manna Hotel] Kansas City Sack

5 March, 2011

We played the Fiasco playset Manna Hotel last week, over Skype and using iTabletop. John has written a wonderful AP, explaining the ins and outs of a wonderful session. My note sheet is below.

This is my second try of Fiasco. Our first game, face to face, crashed and burned in the first scene after an OK setup. The setup works perfect, but I’m still not a fan of the resolution system, or rather: the lack of a resolution system, where scene outcomes are either decided by committee or the spotlight player. That’s weak juice in my book, and I feel that with a functional resolution system this game could lift off into one of the all time classics. I haven’t given it any thought how, though, but you already have a bunch of black and white dice, and it should be possible without fiddling with the rest, I feel.

My notebook after the first game session.

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