[Probable Cause] Playtest ahoy

10 March, 2012

After a considerable re-write since the previous playtests, I’ve begun a new cycle of playtesting. Peter, Oliver and Asbjørn have all graciously agreed to play via Skype, and we had the setup session this week. The first session lays down the land regarding what kind of setting, crime and stuff the players are interested in. We quite quickly agreed on playing in Denmark today, and doing something “internal affairs” kind of crime.Smuggling and corruption were also mentioned. The setting is Falster, a big island not that far from Copenhagen but still very, very different. The area has ferry routes to Germany and Poland(?), and was also the location of one of the most famous Danish shipyards, now defunct for decades.

The players each chose a character pack to start building their player characters, and then it’s my turn as the chair to come up with a brief backstory to kick things off.

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