Crossroads at Fastaval 2012

3 May, 2012
My latest game Crossroads ran as a “short story scenario” at the Danish convention Fastaval this April. There was scheduled to be a whopping 16 groups playing the game, but a couple of late cancellations shrunk that number to about 12-14, I’m not entirely sure. I had 14 great people who volunteered to facilitate the game, and I’m very thankful to all the players and especially the facilitators.
At this time I am waiting for all the feedback from the players – at Fastaval all the groups fill in feedback sheets for the scenario author, which is a great thing. Obviously there will be players who haven’t got a clue about what the scenario is about (and sometimes GMs as well, even worse!), but in general I think this is a good thing.
I asked all the facilitators to get back to me regarding how it went, and most of them did, which is very helpful indeed. None of the feedback has been different from what we learnt from the extensive playtesting, but it’s still nice to have confirmation that everything works as intended.

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