Six month recap

21 December, 2012

Hopla, and then six months passed. What happened? Well, a lot, actually.

GuibeauFirst, we went to France in July, spending a week in the village Guibeau, in the Puisseguin region of St. Emilion. It involved very long drives from Amsterdam to the Bordeaux area and back, but it was worth it.

Then we sold our house in Edinburgh and moved to New Town, closer to the city centre, which again meant we could sell the old, trusted Saab, that had just done a 3,000 miles roundtrip to France without even breaking a sweat.

I haven’t done any story gaming whatsoever over the whole period, and I’m wondering if I ever will again. One thing, I don’t really have anyone at hand that share my gaming preference, an life’s too short to play something that doesn’t really rock your boat. On the other hand I have upped my boardgaming activities quite a bit, and game of the year for me is GMT Games’ Andean Abyss. It’s simply an astounding piece of game design.

Vibækvej, BellingePerhaps this also means that I can expand the remit of this blog a bit away from gaming, and do more general ranting all over the place. My crime novel, working title Dead Frozen, is coming along nicely. All the hard work plotting it out in detail happened all the way back in January and February, and we even went to a research trip back to Denmark to take pictures of locations, and look through newspaper archives on microfilm. The story is set during winter in Odense 1986, and is inspired by an old, unsolved, murder case. The picture shows the house near Bellinge where a couple were killed in their bed in 1971, while their young son was sleeping in a room next to the victims’ bedroom. The house still stands, as you see.


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