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Giddy as a schoolboy

12 November, 2013

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boyo! Via the wonderful medium they call Facebook, I’ve found a small group of people who want to try this roleplaying thing. How could I refuse?

I’ve been trying to gauge their preferences and interests, and it seems they are hooked on the fantasy thing, so your standard run-of-the-mill off-the-shelf stuff.

I was torn between Dungeon World and Burning Wheel. But I managed to get them hooked on story now gaming, then I’d like to give them some Apocalypse World in another skin than fantasy. Plus I haven’t actually run DW before.

So, Burning Wheel it is. That grand old lady with the huge handbag laden with bricks. She looks like your standard fantasy RPG fare. She’s far from it.

I’m going to run a demo scenario to highlight the core of BW, and hopefully they’ll like and ask for more.