Viking hack for Apocalypse World brings back memories

26 January, 2011

Vincent Baker’s Apocalypse World was made to be hacked, and there’s a mindblowing variety out there already, from loose ideas to fully fledged and playable hacks. A guy called Gregor Vuga has created a viking-inspired hack called Icelanders. It’s looks fantastic.

I like it not only because I’m a Dane, but also because it brings back memories. One of the few purely Danish roleplaying games from the good old days was Viking, by Mads Lunau Madsen, Troels Christian Jakobsen and Malik Hyltoft. Viking was published by a real book publisher in 1990. I loved it, but it was a very factually based game, aimed at teaching children about the viking age, and never became a hit within the nerdy gaming community. The game rules were pretty useless as well, but I guess OK back then. I have often played around with ways of bringing it back to life.

Which, it seems I don’t have to since we now have Icelanders.

One comment

  1. Nice! I actually found the rulebook in my cellar the other day – and now it’s on my bedstand. Lots of die-rolls that don’t amount to much – but I too have fond memories of it!

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