[DP: Black Watchmen] Sana

17 September, 2008

(Concept: Ghost)
Sana was formerly Sarah Napier, a medical student and feminist activist from Ground Zero. While she was working as a volunteer at an abortion clinic in the Vaults, a group of thugs high on mescal and gint (think Gin & Tonic on acid) attempted to gang rape her. She killed every single one of them in a prolonged struggle lasting several hours, but was declared dead when a private security firm finally found her. While lying on a slab at a morgue, she rose from the dead and named herself Sana, intent on cleaning the world of sexual criminals. And of the fathers that brought them up.

Dread 5
Cause self-mutilations +1
Cause Inside visions

Ectoplasm 2
Blood spray +2

Possession 0

Relentless 5
Super strength +1
Oblivious to pain

Archetype: The Warrior 6
Shadow: Can’t hurt women

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